Friday, 19 April 2013

EVIL DEAD (2013)

2013, Refe Alvarez, 92 mins.

A group of teens have problems with the occult in a remote cabin. 

Now this is just rather sad. Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert return to the scene of their first triumph and comprehensively screw it up. We’re used to appalling remakes of classic horror films of course but Evil Dead gets everything so comprehensively wrong that it should act as some kind of negative example. It contains endless bloodletting and lots of lengthy set-ups but no scares, no imagination and, most disastrously of all, no sense of humour. There’s an air of almost pious solemnity here which reminds one of the lesser religious epics of the 1950s. Add to this the most annoyingly dim set of characters this side of an Eighties slasher movie and an over-enthusiastic score reminiscent of The Omen and you have a disaster. Only a climactic dismemberment captures the EC comic book style of the original.

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