Friday, 16 November 2012


2007, Gregory Hoblit, 113 mins.

A brilliant engineer kills his wife and seemingly gets away with it.

Gregory Hoblit is one of those filmmakers who is perfectly competent but relies almost entirely on a decent script if he is to do anything above average. His debut Primal Fear is still the best thing he’s done. Fracture is a rather too clever-clever thriller which comes on like a courtroom drama but gets the trial stuff out of the way quickly and concentrates on a not terribly fascinating battle of wits between Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins. The latter seems to be enjoying himself in a role which is reminiscent of Charles Laughton in The Big Clock but Gosling is rather bland and the excellent supporting cast – Fiona Shaw, Cliff Curtis - has little to do. It's entirely typical of the film that in lieu of an exciting climax, it winds up with a perfunctory bit of legal manoeuvring. 

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