Monday, 19 November 2012


1975, Robert Clouse, 95 mins.

Post-apocalyptic SF-action movie.

Another dystopian Science-Fiction movie from the 1970s, this rarely seen film is interesting despite its obvious cheapness and almost complete lack of plot development. It reflects contemporary concerns, depicting an America which has fallen apart following an oil crisis, and like many other films of its ilk, pits two groups against each other; one is led by intellectual and reflective Max Von Sydow while the other is headed by tough-guy William Smith. The eponymous hero is Yul Brynner and his iconic presence is used rather well by a scenario which requires him to be strong and silent. What’s fascinating is the film’s incredible cynicism – virtually everybody except for Brynner and pregnant heroine Joanna Miles is shown to be greedy, self-serving and governed by their basest instincts – unfortunately, this means that it’s very hard to care what ultimately happens to them.

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